About Us

The New Way to success.

Stunning Mega Mart is a company registered in New Delhi, with its Head office in Lucknow.

Main focus of the Company is to offer every Indian citizen a genuine and fantastic opportunity in a direct marketing business of special products; it also plans to introduce more unique and excellent products, in periods to come.



Provide self respect, excellent opportunity for financial freedom, create a better every day life for many, through dedicated team work, of all at all levels.
To provide opportunities to grow in life, in all spheres, along with growth of the Copmany.
Provide opportunity for growth to all, through teamwork, sharing values and ethics.
Company`s philosophy is to improve techniques in marketing and accounting in keeping pace with the time and development across globally and also to find new products. We constantly watch the time element, sundry expenses and latest technology and to get maximum income to our Distributors. Company`s working system and calculation remains transparent through online.
It is a unique business venture promoted by a group of dedicated and successful professionals engaged in Traditional Business, Corporate Consultancy, IT Consultancy, Network Marketing Administration, Business and Personality Development Training. Directors are five in numbers but together we make a big strength, as each one is specialized in different fields. We are guided by a senior professional in administration, business development and event management on a regular basis. Our company matters and compliance details are taken care of by an experienced Certified Management Accountant.
We, in Stunning understand and appreciate that our reputation and brand are dependent on what we do and how we do. So we set ourselves the best business practices and standards and we adhere to those.
We follow the ethical business practice within, including through our Distributors, benefiting each one associated with us.
Our policy framework in this regard is contained in Terms and Conditions for Distributorship, as published in this web site.
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